Dynamic Download Sources Dynamic Download Sources
Ceedien leverages the geographic location of multiple data sources to decrease latency and increase bandwidth between peers
Dynamic Download Sources Ceedien Servers
Provide reliable locations for your users to download their content.
Dynamic Download Sources Network Optimization Algorithms
By using advanced algorithms, we boost download speeds and provide more efficient sources for file transfers.
Dynamic Download Sources Peer For Peer
When users can cooperate, everybody wins.  If you choose to install the Ceedien Background Service with your desktop application, Ceedien can leverage un-used resources on idle computers to provide an enhanced experience for all users.
Dynamic Download Sources Intelligent Caching Logic
Ceedien adapts to traffic trends on the network and balances load intelligently so that peers maintain consistend data transfer speeds.
Dynamic Download Sources User Management Tools
Ceedien features robust management tools for administrating your users.  We enable truly serverless software development so that you can concentrate on adding value with your applications.
Dynamic Download Sources SOAP Interfaces
Ceedien provides simple SOAP-based interfaces to integrate easily with your desktop and web applications.
Dynamic Download Sources Encryption
All data travelling over the wire gets encrypted before it leaves the client.  Third parties cannot access the data without authenticating and receiving permissions.